Sponsoring jamieweb.net

My website jamieweb.net has a highly targeted audience of people interested in cyber security, software development, internet privacy, open-source and Linux.

A sponsorship provides the opportunity for you to promote your brand or product directly to between 7,000 and 8,000 unique human visitors per month.


One month of sponsorship currently costs $60 US.

If you wish to sponsor me for multiple months, I may offer reduced rates. I can accept the following payment methods:

If you're interested, please contact me.

A sponsorship allows you to place a branded message of your choice in a banner at the top of every page on my website. The message should be a maximum of 140 characters, and will be hyperlinked to a page of your choosing.

I have included examples of the sponsorship message banner below:

A screenshot of an example sponsor message appearing on a desktop web browser. A screenshot of an example sponsor message appearing on a mobile device.


If you'd like to enquire regarding a sponsorship, please send an email to:

You can also contact me using any of the other methods available on my contact page.

If you'd like to propose an alternate sponsorship or advertising idea, you're welcome to get in touch as well.

Thank you!