Privacy Notice

Last Updated: Sunday 30th December 2018

Web Server Logs

When visiting, each request is automatically logged by the web server in the Combined Log Format.

All log entires are thoroughly anonymized within two hours of collection.

IP addresses are checked against a bloom filter in order to determine whether they are unique or not, and then replaced with generic non-routable addresses that cannot be programatically returned to their original form.

User agent strings are matched against an approved list - if no match is found, they will be discarded.

Referrer URLs are stripped down to only the scheme and hostname.

The anonymization is performed using this tool: web-server-log-anonymizer-bloom-filter

Within two hours, all original logs are erased. Anonymized logs may be kept indefinitely.

The purpose of collecting the above web server access log data is to monitor high-level website statistics such as the total number of unique visitors and which search terms are bringing visitors to the site. The legal basis that I rely on to process this personal data is article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR, which allows me to process personal data when it is required for the purposes of my legitimate interests.

Email Subscriptions

You may optionally provide your email address in order to receive notifications when I post new content to this blog.

The email subscription service is provided by Revue. You can read their applicable privacy policy here.

I will also take periodic backups of the email address list for data redundancy purposes, and these will be securely stored offline in an encrypted format.


If you have any queries related to this privacy notice, please do not hesitate to contact me using any of the available methods.