Raspberry Pi Cluster Live Stats


Node 1

Node 2

Node 3

Node 4

CPU: 100%

Memory: 595 MB

Disk: 1539 MB

Temp: 32.0'C

CPU: 99.6%

Memory: 401 MB

Disk: 5825 MB

Temp: 18.6'C

CPU: 99.7%

Memory: 400 MB

Disk: 5821 MB

Temp: 18.6'C

CPU: 99.3%

Memory: 406 MB

Disk: 5824 MB

Temp: 18.0'C

CPU: 99.6%

Memory: 407 MB

Disk: 5821 MB

Temp: 18.0'C

Stats Update Every 10 Minutes. Last Updated: 5:29:59pm GMT

System Status Message: All systems operational.

Current Project: Einstein@Home

The cluster is currently running Einstein@Home, which is a distributed computing project that searches for gravitational waves using data from the LIGO gravitational wave detector.

Einstein@Home Stats

Total Earned Credits: 1,119,658.53

Recent Average Credit: 1,129.51

Total Running Time: 1884 days