Updated Chromium Browser Packages for Ubuntu

The Problem

In Ubuntu, the chromium-browser package is in the Canonical Universe repository, which means that it is community-maintained rather than officially supported by Canonical.

The result of this is that the chromium-browser package is sometimes out of date, leaving you running an older version of Chromium Browser rather than the latest stable release.

The Solution

The Launchpad PPA chromium-team contains Chromium Browser packages that are updated more regularly. The stable, beta and dev branches are available.

You can add this PPA to your system by first ensuring that the software-properties-common package is installed, then running the following command (for whicver branch you want):

$ sudo apt-add-respository ppa:chromium-team/stable

Is the chromium-team repository safe to use?

The chromium-browser packages in the chromium-team PPA are primarily maintained by Olivier Tilloy of Canonical. The PPA is also referenced in the official Chromium repository in docs/linux_chromium_packages.md.